Slide1St. Philip’s Episcopal Church is now offering interment services in our new Columbarium Memorial Garden for Christian families throughout the Greater Annapolis Area.

Our Columbarium Memorial Garden has been blessed by the church to provide a tranquil resting place for the cremated remains of your dearly departed loved ones. St. Philip’s Columbarium provides an alternative, cost effective solution for families deciding to take advantage of non-traditional burial services.

Please call St. Philip’s Episcopal Church office at 410-266-9755 to schedule an appointment with our Columbarium Memorial Garden property manager or for more information on interment services.

Thank you, and may God bless you and your family!


The Rev. Randy Callender, Rector
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

Newton Gentry III, Sr. Warden
St. Philip’s Episcopal Church
Columbarium Memorial Garden Coordinator

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